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Here you will find examples of our work in computer animation, video, audio and stills.

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Hello, this page is very old and doesn't get maintained. It is really for historical interest. If you want anything related to it visit Tony's page linked from up top. Thanks.

6/7/8 November Hardlight's do their now regular spot at the Southport Weekender - photo's soon
30 October Nebula 2 release 'bandit' on Area 51 Recordings.
23rd June Started to fill the Nebula 2 scrapbook
15th June Here's some CameraPhotographs of our trips to NY and Southport and when The Genie came to town.
June Nebula 2 appear in DJ magazine
April 4th Hardlight to provide visuals for the Southport Dance Music Weekender.
January We've now got Real Audio streaming. No longer do you have to wait for a track to download but just click and listen. Try it with our latest single Hard Corps - You'll need a Real Audio Player ver 5.x
December Nebula 2 sign 12" e.p. deal with IST (Industrial Strength Techno) - More details

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